Cloud Services

Private Cloud

In a private cloud, the infrastructure, the platform, and the software all exist only for one company. The end customer runs their own data center, provides most of the hardware and software, and maintenance. The cost savings that come with cloud computing tend to evaporate in this model of deployment. However, certain industries with highly sensitive data prefer to use private clouds due to a perception that they’re more secure than public clouds.

To make the most out of a private cloud, organizations need to take careful considerations in order. In order to gain the scalability and efficiency benefits of private clouds, the whole business environment is usually virtualized. There are also security concerns with private clouds since responsibility for securing every part of the infrastructure falls on the company. Unlike a cloud company like Salesforce or Microsoft that have large cyber security teams, many enterprises lack the expertise required to defend against today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.

As a result, use of cloud services is growing exponentially and a recent survey by the Cloud Security Alliance found that an overwhelming 64.9% of IT leaders think the cloud is as secure or more secure than on-premises software.

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